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The Master’s Plan

The Master’s Plan provides the system and solutions to help God’s people succeed in life.

The Master’s Plan is a God-given, biblically-based system designed to help God’s people succeed in life. It is a system offering an inspired and innovative approach to any human endeavor and a systematic approach to life.


The Master’s Plan provides the infrastructure for both the system (the basic technique) and anatomy (the basic structure). It reveals the essential elements and modules that make it easier to take steps toward successful accomplishment of any assignment and the fulfillment of any vision—anything you set your hand to do!


It brings into play a unique approach to building the infrastructure (the underlying foundation and basic framework of a system and structure) that will support the activities of virtually any organization.


Have you ever witnessed people who started out well but ended up disappointed, unhappy, and unfulfilled? I’ve seen many people start out with a God-given vision that all too often end up with an unsatisfactory, unacceptable, disappointing, disastrous, or devastating conclusion. It should not be so!


Why does it happen? Most of the time it is because one or more of the elements or modules of The Master’s Plan were not taken into consideration or not sufficiently executed to attain suitable results.

Master's Plan Diagram

Get help applying The Master’s Plan to your organization.