Heaven & Earth Ministries | Church Management
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Church Management

Promoting and supporting excellence in ministry

Church Management Ministries specializes in taking the powerful principles of Heaven & Earth Ministries and applying them specifically to churches and ministries, and the people who are an integral part of them.

Church Management Ministries

The Church Management Ministry

We focus all of our attention on helping churches and ministries as well as pastors, ministers, leaders, employees, and members.

We are a team of professionals, who know and understand ministry and who have the expertise to provide the system, solutions, support, and services to edify, fortify, equip, and support churches and ministries around the world.


We know how to masterfully facilitate building the basic structure of any ministry organization. We will help you launch solutions developed from The Master’s Plan (a dynamic Biblical management system) and offer support to implement and integrate them into your organization.


We have a heart for churches and ministries and are dedicated to helping you improve, advance, and succeed in fulfilling your God-given vision and mission.

We’ll provide you with the hands-on guidance you need to help advance your mission.

Corporate Services

Our team can help you correctly structure the building blocks of your non-profit organization.

Financial Services

Let our team help you to keep and file accurate and legally sound financial records.

Administrative Services

We can help you administer your organization for optimum health and performance.

Bring the Heaven & Earth team to your organization.