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Leadership Ministries

Providing powerful principles for leaders of this generation

Through our Leadership Ministries we provide essential leadership materials, training, instruction, coaching, and mentoring. We strive to make leadership training accessible by any means possible to all those hungry to learn.

Leadership Ministries

Leadership Ministries

Our team is passionate about and dedicated to working with growing leaders from the learning stage all the way through to practical application -- working together to develop leaders that will impact families, businesses, churches, communities, governments, and nations.

We are a team of professionals with significant knowledge of leadership principles, using the Heaven & Earth leadership materials to teach, train, mentor, coach, and assist people to gain knowledge and understanding of these powerful truths.

Leadership Is for Everyone

Leadership is an essential part of life! It exists in every realm and every level of human interaction.

Leadership principles apply to every person everywhere.


Leadership is a learned behavior, though the fundamental characteristics are built in the nature of every human. Leadership is as natural as breathing in that it is an inherent characteristic of life.


Principles are meant for everyone to learn—executives, secretaries, church leaders, church members, employers, employees, parents, and children. Everyone needs to learn the principles that govern life.

Leadership Is for Everyone
Leadership Is Influence

Leadership Is Influence

People need leadership and leaders need people—it takes both to accomplish the desired end result. Leadership is influence and influence is leadership. This is where leadership can be a challenge.

True leadership is influence—not domination.

Whoever influences you the most is leading you—like it or not.

Leadership Relationship and the Journey

Everything in the Kingdom is based on relationships! We must learn to manage relationships at every level of life and in every realm of life because we were designed by God to have a quality relationship with Him and other people.

Leadership is all about people.

Leadership is all about people and obviously relationships are about people (the interaction, dealings, connections, and communications between human beings). There are people-to-people relationships in every sphere of life. Leader-follower relationships are an essential element of a successful life and are vital to the success of any group of people. In fact, it may be the single most important element of leadership.


Relationships exist whenever you have two or more people functioning together (for any reason). It can be in a family (husband and wife or parents and children), an organization, a business, a corporation (employer and employee), etc. It is about people relating to other people in all types of situations and under all kinds of conditions.


Principles of leadership and relationship pertain to every realm of life.


Leadership is a journey not an event!

People are there for the leader and the leader is there for the people. It is not always about getting to a destination, but about the journey and the process of getting there. What takes place during the journey may have more long-term benefits than reaching the destination. It seems people are always a part of the process and during the process leaders teach, train, instruct, develop, and equip people to fulfill their purpose in life—that is an important part of the journey.


When people truly know their leader genuinely cares about them (their wellbeing, outcome, families, and future) they are more likely to embark on the journey (or to get on board with what the leader is doing). When leaders demonstrate by their actions and lifestyles that they truly have the people’s best interest at heart their followers are much more likely to participate and use their gifts, talents, training, experience, and expertise to accomplish the work.


The Lord wants the very best for us—the best leaders are those who want the best for the people.


The reciprocal is also true. When a leader knows the people genuinely care about them they are more likely to function up to their potential. They are more likely to give their best for the sake of the cause. It is all about relationships.


Unfortunately the delicate balance of human interaction is often skewed or slanted to one side or the other. It is not difficult to identify deficits in leader-follower relationships because the scales are rarely in perfect balance.

God, the Supreme Leader

God is the ultimate leader! His principles are the ultimate standard for life! We should diligently press toward the mark established by God’s Word. We should do our very best to pattern our lifestyle and our leadership style after His example.


In this writing we are dealing with God, who knows everything, sees everything, and is ever present. He is the Master, and we can learn by studying Him and observing how He functions. He is the epitome of leadership.

  • God functions by pure truth and perfect knowledge and never lowers Himself to an opinion. He always sees things exactly as they are and never functions with less than precise truth.
  • His character is flawless, His motives are pure, His ethics are above reproach, and His principles are virtuous and righteous.
  • God is limitless! He is infinitely wise! He never makes a mistake! He never has to change His mind—because He is never wrong!
  • He is the essence of righteousness, integrity, honesty, and every attribute of perfection!

The moment you think that God thinks like man thinks, you have already thought wrong. Do not allow yourself to pull His Majesty, the King of Kings, out of His position as God—don’t even think about it!
Many people desire to have a mentor (teacher, coach, advisor, and guide). They desire a person who has the wisdom to teach them, whom they respect and admire, who has their best interest at heart, and whom they can trust with their lives. For successful mentorship, people must have a relationship with their mentor and learn to apply the principles they are taught.


God is the perfect mentor! We have a great advantage in that we know God wants to have that kind of relationship with us. Every person needs to develop a personal relationship with the Lord! We all desperately need to learn principles from Him and learn to apply them in every realm of life.


We begin our quest by studying the powerful leadership principles revealed in Genesis—the book of beginnings.


Excerpt from “The Genesis of Leadership—The Beginning” by Rev. William H. Bailey
Copyright 2004 William H. Bailey

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